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Massage is the most frequently used and most effective form of aromatherapy treatments. Today, when the way of life is exhausting and stressful, the role of massage occupies an increasing place among therapeutic methods as well as in human consciousness.


Deep tissue 

Type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layer of muscles and fascia.

Deep tissue massage  usualy focuses on a specific problem, such as chronic muscle pain, low, back pain, limited mobility, sciatica,postural problems, muscle tensions.

45 min /70,00 €
60 min /90,00 €
90 min /129,00 €

Massage olive oil

This is a nourishing, pleasant massage with olive oil, which has always been synonymous with natural skin, hair and nail care. It nourishes, energizes and tightens the skin, and has a scent reminiscent of the sea ...

Also... avoid stepping in the shower right after the massage. You will feel its beneficial effects for a longer time if you wait a few hours before rinsing off.

 60 min /75,00 €​
90 min /99,00 €

Classic Swedish medical massage with cold pressed vegetable and essential oils.

Aromatherapy massage has powerful physical,emotional and mental effects with great relaxing and rejuvenating experience.The benefits of aromatherapy massage affect a wide range of health conditions of nervous,circulatory,lymphatic, immune and muscular systems.


60 min /75,00 €
90 min /99,00 €
60 min /75,00 €​
90 min /99,00 €

This is a healing, detox massage with cold-pressed vegetable oils that are enhanced with essential oils of aromatherapy quality, with the addition of dried basil leaves for a gentle peeling effect.

This massage cleanses the skin and is deeply felt.
Do not rush into the shower immediately after the massage, to make full use of its beneficial effects on the whole body.

Peeling massage

Massage hot oils 

This is a particularly enjoyable, revitalizing massage with warm herbal oils, with the addition of essential oils of aromatherapy quality, and argan oil.

Argan wood oil only grows in the southwestern part of Morocco. It is everlasting in the life of Berber, who calls it the "tree of life." This oil contains very high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid, which protects and regenerates the skin, prevents skin drying and loss of elasticity, and stops the formation of wrinkles. Thus, skin exposed to prolonged use of argan oil becomes softer and tighter, and the aging process of the skin is slowed down.

It is an excellent choice for cold, wet days, because it warms deeply and brings the sunshine into all our pores and relaxes. It nourishes the skin from the outside but reaches deep inside.

60 min /75,00 €​
90 min /99,00 €

Cocoa massage

Exotic balsam with massage.

Exotic balsam is made of coco and shea butter. It  stimulates the creation of seratonin, hormone responsible for the feeling of happines and good mood, makes the skin softer and extremely smooth, while at the same time ensuring the necessary strength and tension. And it has an extraordinary anti- stress effect.

60 min /75,00 €​
90 min /99,00 €

Massage honey  

This is a relaxing, enjoyable massage with a warm composition of unrefined, cold pressed vegetable oil and natural honey. In the honey massage, cleanses skin pores, improves circulation, relaxes stiff muscles and stimulates the lymph system. After this massage, the skin will restored, rejuvinated and very soft.

 60 min /75,00 €​
90 min /99,00 €

Luna massage

We are exceptionally proud of this massage, which we specifically designed for women. The massage is done with cold pressed vegetable oil, with "female" essential oils of aromatherapy quality added, chosen from a wide range of essential oils. We keep in mind your personality, character and current state of body.

You will receive a soothing or stimulating, nurturing or energetic, "detox" or antistress (or a bit of everything ...) but in any case this is an extremely enjoyable massage with oils that support women's "moonlight" yin energy in yourself. Symbolism

Luna as a general principle of femininity reminds us of the power that not only "manages" the moon changes, but even "moves the oceans" by changing tide and oscillation! In the transmitted sense, Luna's energy encourages spiritual transformation, confidence in one's own way of life, making the right decisions, creativity and new beginnings ... In short, it empowers us to return to ourselves and to its true nature.

60 min/ 80,00 €
90 min/ 110,00 €

Sonne massage

Just as Luna massage is specifically designed for women, we have the Sonne massage designed for Men. The massage is done with unrefined, cold pressed vegetable oil, in addition to the essential oils of aromatherapy quality which, depending on the needs and condition of the body, may relax, center, ground, or may relieve muscle pain.Each of you will feel empowered and stabilized, and naturally supported of your "sun", yang line of your personality.

60 min/ 80,00 €
90 min/ 110,00 €

Massage oil cannabis

Hemp oil is important due to its specific composition and high concentration of natural antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and various other important ingredients. It has a particularly beneficial effect on the health of the body when taken through food. It preventsaging, strengthens the immune system and the vascular system, and helps burn unhealthy fat in the body. Of all the cold pressed oils, hemp oil is the best "cleaner" of the body. It is the only vegetable oil containing the ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids.

These are essential fatty acids that man can not produce alone and therefore need to be included in daily diet and are essential for the work of the bloodstream system, heart and brain. Cold-pressed hemp oil contains about 75% of highly unsaturated fatty acids that are very important to our organism: the source of energy, protect against infection because it stimulates the production of antibodies, are a building block of tissue fat, brain and serve as vitamin A, D, E and K and so on.

When applied to the body as part of a massage, cold pressed hemp oil has an extremely beneficial effect on the skin and hair. It is worth noting that this type of oil does not contain any prohibited THC.

 60 min /75,00 €​
90 min /99,00 €

Lomi lomi hawaiian massage

In Hawaiian, the name of this massage is supposed to mean "hands that love". According to the third translation, Lomi in Hawaiian language means "squeeze, rub, bite", and Nui means "important, unique, great". Regardless of the different interpretations of the name of this massage, this is an ancient Hawaiian massage technique that relaxes, quickly relieves tension, restores health and gives a sense of happiness. It is based on the Hawaiian philosophy that says that all that exists is in harmony with harmony and love. The Hawaiian concept of love is based on the idea of ​​acceptance, favor and forgiveness. In the massage, the elbows and forearms are mostly used to make long, slim movements that resemble the movement through the water, as well as light stretching of the body. At Luna's Creative Center, we massage this massage with warm oil, with soothing music. Touching these unique massages at the same time are powerful and gentle, soothing and exhilarating body like sea waves, deeply relaxing and releasing life energy to re-energize the body without stopping. Treatment eliminates not only body blockages that capture the flow of energy, but also negative emotional ideas, as well as squatting patterns stored in the body without our consent. A great way to relieve stress and tension, reduce chronic pain and fatigue. Lomi Lomi Nui Massage Lovers say that this is not just a physical experience, because relaxation of blocked parts of the body and the direction of energy in the new direction and the healing of emotional and physical wounds, allows healing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. But no matter what this interpretation, this massage is very, very pleasant. Once you try it, you will probably return to her again.

60 min/ 80,00 €
90 min/ 110,00 €

Energy massage 4 elements 

We have created this massage ourselves, inspired by the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Air) that we are surrounded by daily, and that we sometimes do not pay enough attention to. The massage is done with warm (cold pressed, unrefined) herbal oils, in addition to fine (high quality, chemotyped) essential oils of aromatherapy quality ... and combines and connects more massage techniques: classic massage, hot stone, lomi massage.

You will find elements of Water and Air (with the addition of floral water that we will scatter to you and swirling the air with the towel) to shake, relax, refresh and relax and remind you how nice it is when your things go easily from the hand ... Earth and Fire (backed by hot volcanic stone, heated vegetable oils and grounding essential oils) will give you a warm, supportive, almost motherly energy that will rejuvenate, empower, ground, close to you, and connect with the inner being, and help you make important decisions ...

 60 min/ 80,00 €​
90 min/ 110,00 €

Anticellulite massage

The cellulite massage aims to reduce the amount of fat cells, improve blood flow, restore elasticity and tone of connective tissue, and stimulate the secretion of waste substances from the body. Unhealthy lifestyle (inadequately taking fluids, improper breathing, inattention), inadequate or over-nutrition, inadequate physical activity, stress, contaminated air and food all contribute to the emergence of cellulite. This results in indigestion, constipation and poor circulation.

Cellulite is produced in connective tissue and consists of fat, water and toxic waste substances. Through the fatty connective tissue we continually circulate nutrients: water, blood, lymph, which dissolves oxygen and nutrients by cleansing it from harmful substances. Changes occur when the process of removing waste is slowed down. Cellulite appears when the organism is unable to get rid of toxic substances. Because of this, the connective tissues saturated with water and waste thicken, become hard and create immobile pockets that swell until it becomes a tissue similar to an orange basket. Massage increases the good side of the exercise. Massage certain cellulite swelling in certain areas of the body to directly affect blood circulation. It especially helps those parts of the body that are severely affected by exercise such as the inner side of the thigh or the upper outer thigh. Massage can accurately approach the endangered area and adjust the intensity of touch with individual access.

30 min/ 40,00 €

Energy massage  

Oriental medical massage with streching and breathing for regenerating and detoxifying body, mind and spirit. Energy  massage has benefits on whole body system including the meridians system.

 60 min /75,00 €​
90 min /99,00 €

Shirodara energy ritual  

For Westerners, this treatment is probably one of the most choreographic. It implies pouring fluid onto the thin spout of the forehead and the bridges, which depending on the problem being treated can be warm medicinal oil, milk or juice. The most commonly applied oil is placed in a special container placed above the client's head underneath it. The therapist determines at what angle and from which height the jet is directed at the forehead, depending on the problems that the client manifests. It is a very relaxing and revitalizing method, and is recommended for migraine, headache, mental tension, insomnia, memory problems, and generally in neurological and psychological disorders. It also works great for neck, ears, nose and throat disease and high blood pressure. This treatment is the right choice for people who are constantly tense and are doing stressful jobs. It exacerbates the mind quickly and stimulates sleep. Let us add that the shirodara can also act on less serious aesthetic problems such as falling and haircuts or premature extinction that burden the present man.

45 min / 100,00 €

Massage tibetan bowls

Tibetan Singing Massage is based on the ancient Eastern 5000 years old wisdom. In the Holistic Center of Luna, the sound massage combines with a hand massage. Prior to massaging the oils, and even after it, the therapist puts pots on the body and around the body and moves them in the direction of the meridian and plays them. The bowl emits a wide spectrum of high frequency tones, on the basis of which the widening of the vibration of the sound, which we not only hear, but also experience them physically by the body.

This massage acts to deep relaxation and regenerates the body. It balances the left and right brains of the brain, and by vibration affects the increase in life energy and creative power. Spontaneously remove harmful substances from our body and improve circulation of blood and lymph. Prior to treatment, it is recommended that the client defines the purpose with which he or she is being treated. It can be a simple focus on the present moment, or the revelation of some intent, or prayer ... The client during the treatment comes to insight and heals himself, while the therapist is only a witness to the process.

After treatment it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids (water or tea) to remove the toxins from the body.

60 min /75,00 €
90 min /9,00 €

HOT-STONE massage

It's a unique massage technique, a combination of warmed basalt stones and a wonderful, fragrant support of cold-pressed essential oils. Elegant properties of warm stone have been known for thousands of years, and in ancient civilizations warm stones were used in rituals, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

This massage has an extraordinary effect on drainage and release of harmful substances, beneficial for stress, tension and tightness of the muscles, poor circulation, various rheumatic conditions, back pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Massage with stone represents a unique connection with nature, offering us the beauty and the spirituality that we often forget. It is a treatment that heals the body, mind and soul. During the treatment, the client is completely relaxed. The warm basaltic stones combined with the benefits of cold-pressed essential oils provide a unique relaxation experience that simultaneously boosts circulation, stimulates the removal of excess liquid as well as unwanted toxic substances that accumulate in the body.

Hot stone massage uses basaltic stones of volcanic origin, black or dark color, and because of the presence of some elements it may be greenish. It is found in water or drained riverbed. The centuries-old action of the water made the stones rounded and smooth, suitable for massaging. Basalt stones are ideal for this type of treatment because of their specific heat capacity, which is very high and slow release of heat during the treatment. Higher rock density and its wealth of iron and magnesium minerals make it more suitable for treatments.

 60 min/ 80,00 €​
90 min/ 110,00 €

Choco massage

Chocolate massage has a beneficial effect on our senses that have been in therapy for many years.

The flavors that chocolate contains induce body relaxation due to endorphin and enkephaline secretion. These ingredients some call "HORMON SUNSET" who are the main "culprit" for a good feeling after a chocolate massage. It is the same as when we first fell in love. Chocolate therapy is a unique treatment for beauty and good feeling, which leaves the skin rich in oil, smoky, soft and chocolate velvety. And while you're packed with a chocolate mix, you just have to rest and enjoy the magical massage movements. Ingredients in this massage are 100% organic raw cocoa rich in magnesium, important amino acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients, extra virgin coconut oil rich in lauric acid and orange essential oil that acts as antidepressant, antiseptic, circulation and digestion stimulator, relieves pain, protects and rejuvenates skin.

60 min / 90,00 €
90 min/ 120,00 €

Himalayan salt stone massage

Massage with the mineral of ancient crystal salt from the depths of the Himalayan mountain chain, and the completion of the music of planetary gongs and Tibetan bowls, which is also the homeland of Himalayas, a negative ionized air with valuable minerals and microelements will create all the authenticity of mysterious, healing and powerful Himalayas.

Massage that has a positive effect on skin diseases and respiratory diseases. Several studies have confirmed successfulness in alleviating symptoms:

- Cough

- asthma

- feverish fever

- Sleep disorder

- various allergies

- neurodermitis

- Help with weight loss

- and other organic illnesses.

With every movement through massage you get valuable minerals such as iodine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromine, iron and many others, while vibrations of planetary gongs bring us into "awesome dreams" and relax and empower in all fields of energy, as well as the physical condition.

60 min / 80,00 €
90 min/ 110,00 €


Zone therapy foot massage. It is an ancient tehnique from China and Egypt.It involves the applaxing pressure to specific areas in the feet that can affect certain reflex areas in the body.

It gives benefits on nerve function, enegy sistem,circulation,relaxation, toxin removal,migrains and headaches.

30 min/ 40,00 €
45 min/ 55,00 €

Massage magnesium chlorid

Pleasant massage designed for the most effective elimination of pain, which has a very positive effect on the inflammation of the muscles, the painful spine and joints.

Every massage moves you get valuable magnesium chloride minerals that are essential for relaxation of painful muscles, spinal and joint pains.

The healing power of contact has always been known while magnesium chloride, which is extremely important in the process of recovery from exercise and reduction of frequent pain and cramps, are excellent.

• weak absorption of vitamins and minerals

• incorrect - incomplete digestion

• Increased susceptibility to unwanted bacteria, viruses and fungi that pass through the intestines

These advantages arise from the increased chloride content found in magnesium enough to increase gastric acid production, thereby increasing absorption of magnesium itself and improving overall digestion efficiency. This creates a favorable environment for the assimilation of critical micronutrients important for health. Magnesium chloride has beneficial effects on health and brings together many satisfied users.

Magnesium contributes:

keeping teeth and skins,

reducing fatigue and fatigue,

normal muscle function,

normal functioning of the nervous system.

60 min / 90,00 €
90 min/ 120,00 €

group sound therapy treatment with ancient instruments like Gong,Rain sticks,Tibetan. Treatment is balances brain hemishferes,regenerates central nerve sistem, and activatin life force energy and deep relaxation.

*(group min 5 persons)

Gong therapy treatment

60 min/50,00 €

Sound therapy massage

90 min / 100,00 €
120 min/ 150,0 €

Tibetan singing bowls therapy with massage for balancing left and right hemisphere of brain, detoxifying body system , activating life energy and deep relaxation.

This ancient „treatment“ method with tibetian pots is tradition older than 5.000 years. Exactly that old is Tibetian recipe of making tibetian pots,  it creates sound which vibrates through water and it enters into every cell of our body.

Sound individual massage in the sea/ swimming pool 

30 min/ 65,00 €
SPA pedicure
75 - 90 min/ 70,00€

Complete foot care treatment 

SPA foot relax
30 min/ 40,00 € 

Foot treatment which includes aroma bath.

Estetic pedicure
60-75 min/ 55,00 € 

A treatment which begins with refreshing aroma bath


Nail polish
30 min/ 15,00 €

Nail polishing on hands or feet.

Permanent polish
45-60 min/ 40,00 €

 Most wanted technique of nails decorating.

Pedicure + permanent polish
90 min/ 75,00 €

Treatment begins with refreshing aroma bath.

45 min/ 30,00 €

Manicure is integral part of grooming and hands care.


Remover permanent polish
30 min/ 15,00 €
Waxing upper lip
10,00 €

Waxing full arm
20,00 €

Waxing lower arm
15,00 €

Waxing lower leg
20,00 €

Waxing upper leg
20,00 €

Waxing full leg
35,00 €

Waxing back
30,00 €

Waxing bikini zone
20,00 €
Brazilian waxing 
30,00 €

Waxing armpit 
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