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About us

Balancing Rocks

The creative center "Luna" was designed as a center for encouraging the complete development of a person and promoting a humane, healthy and natural way of life, with the aim of improving the quality of life in a healthy and creative way.
In the flood of pessimism, black chronicles, "recession" and generally negative perception of the World and Self, there are people who look wider and want more. We are one of "those" who believe that, sometimes by persistent work on ourselves, and sometimes by simply "letting go", we can do a lot for ourselves, and thus for everyone around us.
And the goal is "only": to be happy, to love dear people... and to do what you love.

No, we don't walk on clouds! We stand firmly on Earth... but we are aware of the fact that the key to change is not THERE AND THEN, but HERE and NOW. And although we may not always know HOW, we've already done a lot if we know WHAT we're looking for, and if we ask the right questions. And the answers... they will appear when the time comes.
What are we looking for? For knowledge that makes it easier for us to return to ourselves and our true nature, for truths that support our wholeness, harmony and beauty... for wisdom that helps us to know ourselves and be happy.

Yoga by the Ocean

Areas that we "sort through" in search of such knowledge and wisdom:
... sound therapy, group and individual sound treatments in the hall and in the water...
... aromatherapy, natural cosmetics, massage, energy treatments, healthy food... and various ways of relaxation, immersion and research...
... there is also some art, books and paintings ... and drumming ...
... and some more ... it's just that it's not easy to list everything right away!


My name is Zoran Malin

Zoran Malin, energy therapist, sound therapist, masseur, bioenergetic practitioner, energy cleaning practitioner, acquired his knowledge from the greatest gong masters in the world (Mr. Don Conreaux) and at the Academie Peeter Hees.
Participant of the "Great Humanitarian GONG Concert" in Zagreb, the largest ever held concert of its kind in the world (over 700 visitors).
He plays percussion, wind and many other instruments (flutes, drums, gongs, meditaton pan and other ancient instruments).
One of the founders and manager of the creative center Luna, which operates in the field of wholesome, healthy and creative living at all levels.

My name is Karmen Malin

sound therapist practitioner, masseur.

I entered the world of alternative precisely by attending Zoran's treatments, and very soon his workshops in the field of sound therapy, which opened up new knowledge about myself and the world in which I live.


Since the summer of 2013, as an assistant, I have been an active participant in many gong workshops, and it soon became clear to me that I want to devote myself to sound and vibration "professionally", and thereby shift my perception of existence.


I am a participant of the same workshops at Creative Center Luna, and I am extremely happy that I soon became part of that team. <3

Nina Roškaj_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Nina Roškar

Certified masseur

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