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Relax your body and mind

Welcome to centar Luna

Dear visitors, welcome to the Luna center, a center that deals with encouragement integral human development and encouraging a humane, healthy and natural way of life.

Massage Therapy


Specially designed
for your body

Hand and foot care

Pleasant massage
with lots of relaxation

Sound therapy


With a beneficial effect
to your senses
Treatment with care
Image by Chang Duong

About us

The holistic center Luna was designed as a center for encouraging the complete development of a person and promoting a humane, healthy and natural way of life, with the aim of improving the quality of life in a healthy and creative way.

Hana V.

As soon as you enter Luna, you are somehow left with a tricked smile, calm and stunned by the smells, music, and warmth. Zoran worked hard on absolutely every detail, and the massage was a definite entry into a deep state of meditation, after the "return" I felt regenerated, physically, emotionally, energetically and on all possible levels, with such a clear mind, clearer perception and physically 10 kilos lighter 😁 warm, warm recommendations!!
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